The consortium of Staccato will manage the training, information and dissemination activities through several outlets. Both the demonstration projects and the research programme will deliver results and outputs to be disseminated:

  • Training activities, visits and workshops to inform consortium communities, associate communities and their partners on the progress and results of the projects. Special focus will be on the presentation of a Handbook with 10 case studies describing new ‘Good Practices’ for future developments across Europe, based on the experiences from the renovation projects.
  • Capacity building: involvement and training of craftsmen for the right application of measures and to introduce the knowledge in the construction and installation market sectors.

(Web based) information sources and tools, such as this wesite, delivering results of the projects to raise confidence in new technologies by demonstrating the integrated approach for energy supply and demand. Documentation will be provided to support future implementation of new policies and schemes, new regulations, improvement of security of supply and planning guidance.

Staccato is a project of the concerto initiative co-funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme