The Concerto project is a process of constant improvement and learning for the partners, associated partners and a wider group of professionals via the dissemination program. Monitoring will provide credible evidence of the level of sustainability with respect to social and energy matters. Monitoring i.e. knowledge of the actual performance and experiences is essential.

The performance of the systems will be monitored on two levels:

  1. Performance of the generation, efficiency of the boilers, solar fraction;
  2. Energy consumption and pattern in the dwellings. Comparison between different households, range. More detailed monitoring may be carried out to suit local needs, but as a minimum, the following energy flow data shall be monitored for all energy demand and supply systems (including all buildings) in the Concerto area, and made available for comparisons between Concerto communities:
    • electricity demand per building / apartment on a monthly basis
    • space heating demand per building / apartment on a monthly basis
    • water heating demand per building / apartment on a monthly basis
    • cooling demand (where appropriate) on a monthly basis

These figures will be communicated to the residents, to give them an insight of their consumption related to the dwelling of the same type and use. In the Amsterdam-Noord project electronic meter reading will be used, with an option to provide analysis and advices via the internet to the residents.

Staccato is a project of the concerto initiative co-funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme